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Heated seats, just what you need in summer
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My parents just bought a new car, and I keep hearing them referring to it as their pride and joy. I thought that was me, or my sister, but I guess we are old news, and we can’t compete with all the technological advances made since they last bought a new vehicle 15 years ago. When’s the last time you bought a new car? Their new baby has a backup camera, keyless entry, [that’s not when you climb through a bedroom window in your teens], and does almost everything but the dishes.

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Because our climate up here is pretty darn cold in the winter, it has heated leather seats, “a absolute must” declared my Mom. It has so many gadgets, and gizmos that they are still learning how to turn on the dual control air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave, instead of the heat, and the GPS disappeared when someone hit the wrong button and somehow changed all the radio stations.


She let me drive it to the almost big city to take her to a appointment, and we did some shopping afterwards. Someone had goofed up in the weather department, and it was blazing hot.

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About halfway home during a 20 minute trip when the seats were still burning behind our backs, we tried to double check to find out if the heated seats were turned on. We managed to find the right buttons, but then the heat kicked in, and the air conditioning stopped cooling us down in over 33 C weather. The keyless entry wouldn’t lock the doors, and the GPS said we were in Hawaii. So much for technology. And who’s your pride and joy now Mom?

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Heated seats, just what you need in summer + Time