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How NOT to prepare for the Globe Run For Home 21k Race

I just had the busiest week ever with no relief in sight for the next 3 weeks. Sample Gingerbread Day :

6am - 73o - Travel
8am - 10 am - Lecture10 am - 12nn - Meeting12nn - 1230 - Rushed Lunch1230 - 230 - Meeting230 - 400 - Lectures/Consults400 - 900 pm - Training for students900 pm - Gets home and falls asleep while still wearing barong

Of course, not once do you see the words "Running" or "Training" there. With the Globe Run for Home Race holding running denizens captive with the prospect of a chip-timed race, here I am working 13 hour days while the rest of the gang is busy training and strategizing! I was barely able to haul my carcass over to the Runnr launch last night to get my new singlet and the race kits for myself and Tito Caloy. Couldn't stay long because had to bring Gingerbread Gal to watch Harry Potter (it sucked if you don't read the book BTW)

So in relative comparison :

Usual Gingerbread Mileage - 65 km

This week's Mileage - 0 km

Usual days with Gingerbread Gal - 5 days

This week's mileage with Gingerbread Gal - 2 days

Which brings me to a more serious question - How do you guys and gals actually train and hope to race somewhat competitively when your work is taking over your life? How do you squeeze it in? Reconcile your schedules? And yet hope for a somewhat half-decent time come raceday Sunday? Please do enlighten me. I am so busy that I am only giving myself 30 minutes to complete this entry. Yes, it's that bad. So come give me your inputs, let's discuss this pertinent matter which I think a lot of us could relate to.

0 km. Wow. Surely not the best way to train for a big 21k race.

Let's see how it pans out in a few hours.

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How NOT to prepare for the Globe Run For Home 21k Race + travel