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The GBM Report Turns 1... and Done?

Now would you look at that. Who would have known we would get this far. When I started this a year ago, it was really nothing more than an avenue to house my random incessant ramblings on this newfangled thing called running.

Birthday Mode Woot Woot!

It was clunky, disorganized, and exuded the design moxie of a 5-year old. To those who never got to see that, I don't have a template but this is the closest thing I could find. One of my early misguided attempts to sell baking equipment lol.

Over the past year, I have been humbled by your continued support. I thought that our readership would comprise of my Mom, Dad, two sisters and the dog. Never in my wildest dreams did I fathom 90, 939 people would actually bother and visit, plus a Philippine Blog Award nomination just for kicks. I am totally indebted and floored. Thank you so much :)

The last 12 months have given us a lot of memorable stories - my ongoing pseudo love affair with the Sub-Piolow (and now the Sub-Binay. Crap he won VP. I might get roasted) , the memorable Liempo runs , the quest for the elusive CP2. And who could forget "when Hitler finds out he didn't make it to new balance". That's still the post that generated the most comments. Sadly though, it's gone forever. The original YouTube host took down the video, and thus its now a dead link. Sob. Was fun while it lasted though.

It's gone forever

Now, as we hit the one year mark a crucial juncture has been reached . I'll be honest, I'm at a crossroads as to whether to continue the site or not. As mentioned in an earlier post, I don't run any ads so the site isn't self-sustaining. In plain and simple terms, I am actually paying to spend a lot of time writing (doesn't quite make sense eh?)

Where do we go?

I spend a lot of man-hours coming up with these writeups , and with an increasingly demanding dayjob, I'm not sure I can keep this up. Don't get me wrong , I love what I do. Heck it's brought us this far. But ultimately, it comes down to making practical decisions. So really, this is a bittersweet celebration. It would be great if you guys could chime in. Give me your thoughts.

And once again, my heartfelt thanks for the incredible ride.

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The GBM Report Turns 1... and Done? + Time