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The time changes, and times change

Sunday morning may be

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when the time officially changes, but Monday morning is when you are walloped by the reality of it all. It’s not during the weekend that you notice the change, it’s all along the week. The day you are slightly late to work, or a appointment, because your body is still in another time zone or just zoned out. Meal times seem to creep up on you, “oh is it time for dinner already, Bootsie” he uses it to his advantage, reminding us of meals now a full two hours before. It’s cat time… don’t ask.

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We all seem to complain about losing that hour, no one likes it, everyone is befuddled.

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So I propose that since most of us really dislike the feeling of a lost hour taken away suddenly in the dark of the night, that we lose it instead in minutes, in increments, instead of a full hour at one time. A minute here, a minute there, maybe steal 5 minutes when I am waiting at the red light. Or take a few away in the line up at the grocery store. Feel free to take a few minutes away during the time I am on perma hold, grasping the phone, and trying to tune out the tinny muzak…

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Believe me, we won’t notice it at all, in fact we might be grateful. A new time of change… are you up for it?

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