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Gardener's boot camp

You know when you've not been yourself, and you start to feel a bit better? So you are inspired to go and do something, and it feels so good to do anything at all, that you kind of over do it?

Even when the little voice inside of your head says… "don't do that, you're going to be sorry." And even though you know for certain that the next day you are going to pay for it, but you just don't care?
Because the sun is shining, and there are honest to goodness green things coming up between the dead leaves.
And that feathered bulge on the branch might even be a Robin singing it's heart out.
You have to do something, and it's not gardening if you just wander around the yard is it?
So you go and do what you are not supposed to be doing.
Which is gardening.

But you lie to yourself, telling that inner voice,"I'm not raking, I'm just…planning."
Yes planning the garden.
That's what I am doing. Not planting. Nope, oh no not me…just moving this teeny tiny little plant a wee bit over. Because I'm planning.

The garden.
With that you squish the teeny tiny voice in your head like a bug. And you tell it," I'm not bending, not me." "I'm…well, I'm squatting." "It's squats…millions of people do those all the time." "Some of them actually like it, and now I know why." You tell the squeaky little voice in your head,"I kind of like exercise, everything is going to be fine."
And then you wake up the next morning.
You can't move. And everything hurts, things you didn't know could hurt, do.
Blame it on the squeaky little voice who should have known better, and the squats.
Because YOU, weren't gardening. I'm going to wait until next week to unpack those boxes at I haven't moved over there just yet.
I still love being Jane@Muddy Boot Dreams, so for now I will be keeping my social media sites the way they are, and using the new name for the blog until things get organized.

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Gardener's boot camp + Story