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When winter gets me down
6-2010 12 30_0401

When winter gets me down and when I think it’s all just not going to end any time soon when each snowy day seems to last forever, I search my photography archives to remind myself that winter isn’t going to last all the time. That spring will return, that the gardens will show up again. Blue skies will prevail. In my archives I can find photos that make my heart sing, bring a smile to my face, and great memories.

1-2010 12 30_0396

Days of amazing photo ops.sunny crisp, cold, and feathered friends.

2-2010 12 30_0414

Hot pink mittens, cold frosty breath… and bird seed. True perfect winter memories.

4-2010 12 30_0427

And I know that it won’t last forever it can’t last forever. Spring will have it’s turn.but for now it’s winter’s show.

3-2010 12 30_0425

And the show is almost at a end.

5-2010 12 30_0449

Jane @ Muddy Boot Dreams .

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When winter gets me down + Words