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GBM Fun Hobbies While In Recovery

So while in recovery from back-to-back 42k's in two weeks (check out the route of my last training run here) in preparation for the upcoming Bataan Death March 102k Ultramarathon, obviously I can't run. No running = mind-numbing boredom. So in tribute to Sam the Running Ninja's infamous fly art opus, here's what I do when I'm completely and utterly bored :P

You hurt my family... . now I hurt you... .

The police couldnt not determine if it was death by scramble or poach

Oh the horror the horror

Ang tigas ng ulo mo!

Kung eto na ang ating mga huling sandali, gusto ko lang sabihin na I LAB YUaaaaaaaahhhhh

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Run for your lives! It's the evil five-headed monster!

I... wanna rock and roll all night... .

John Lloyd and Bea in between takes

Backup, backup! Houston, we have a MAJOR problem here!!!

Iniwan daw ng girlpren, kaya tumalon. Kawawang bata.

Tama na! Sobra na! Makibaka mga kapatid! Lalaban tayo!

Somehow, Barack could feel that he wasn't so welcome here

This movie was so scary that... ..

... ..The whole gang yolked in their pants

Adios, Patria Adorada... ..

Have an Eggcellent day everyone :)

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GBM Fun Hobbies While In Recovery + training