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That great attitude, seeing the glass as full

There are people who never

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seem to have their glass any less then completely full. I admire that attitude, never seeing a lack of anything wonderful in their life. And I will say that I wondered if it took massive amounts of effort, and control to convince themselves that they saw it that way. But for some people it just seems to be the way they are built the way they live their lives the way they look at the world. No rose colored glasses needed.

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It’s a wonderful attitude, and I wish more of us could be that way. Let’s raise a glass to wondering if it just takes time, and experience to achieve that level of happiness, and if we can become like that.

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I have a elderly friend from where we used to live, that has been given a diagnosis of terminal cancer, they can’t do anything. This isn’t about sadness, her attitude is one of thankfulness that she wakes up each morning. How’s that for amazing. Even though I had expected the news it was upsetting. Hoped for the best, heard the worst, where do you go from there? How do you comfort her, what do you say. I thought maybe she was putting on a brave face for me, but no, she is grateful for everyone of her years, her life, her family, and friends. She tells me that she has had a good life, and a good time. She doesn’t worry about anything, those are her words. Her faith is strong, and so is her spirit.

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The world needs more people like her… and I’m grateful that I have this chance to know her. Have you been fortunate enough to meet some “the glass is full” people in your life, and aren’t they amazing?

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That great attitude, seeing the glass as full + Words