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Oh Christmas tree!
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Our tree is up, although I have my doubts as too how long it will stay standing, since the Boo is fascinated by the scents and smells coming from it. He decided to give it a sniff and then tried to climb into the top of the tree from the couch. Good thing he was sleepy and gave up quickly. It’s our first tree, in our first house, and although it’s not a huge tree, it’s ginormous in our hearts.

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No more sneaking in the cut tree through the ground floor patio door, in the dark and the rain. When we lived in the condo we were only allowed to have artificial trees, [fake baby, fake], and as much as I am not a rule breaker, I needed a real Christmas tree in my life. So we would shut the sheers and hope that no one walking by noticed the aroma of fresh cut greens coming from our hallway door.

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After the holidays out came the tarps, and the pruning saws, as we chopped branches into little pieces and stuffed them into black plastic bags. You have not celebrated Christmas until you stuff your normally 6 foot tree into a 10 black plastic bags and haul it out bit by bit to the dumpster. Crossing your fingers so that no dumpster diver decides to see what that lumpy black bag might hold and break it open.

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That’s if there was room in the dumpster, there were years we had to portion out the bags over a few weeks because the dumpster was too full. I would know that we had hit the mother lode of a empty dumpster when my husband ran into the condo, whooping with joy, “get the bags” he would say…

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Oh Christmas tree, we love you even more now because we can take you to the curb. A DAY OF BLOGGING SILENCE: On Tuesday December 18th please consider posting only the graphic provided through this link in silence and support for Sandy Hook, bloggers all over the world will be silent that day, please spread the word among your blogging friends so they can participate also if they wish. If you would like to donate to the The Newtown Family Youth and Family Services , you can follow this link to their site, all money donated will go directly to those affected by the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

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Oh Christmas tree! + Words