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My Christmas Tree comes with a birds nest!

I love bird's nests, both real ones, and the motif. So when Garden Brat mentioned finding a bird's nest in one of the Christmas trees, I knew that I had to take this tree home. I squished the poor thing into the back of my car, and dragged it upstairs, and then Gar braved the storage locker, and found the tree stand. What a guy!

There is very little room in a small condo, but we managed to find the perfect spot for it, right next to the window. It glitters and shines in the light. We decorated it with dried Hydrangea blooms, clear, frosted, and silver balls, and a new string of white LED rice lights. Oh and the crowning touch? Three bird's nests snuggled in the branches.

What more could I ask for?

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My Christmas Tree comes with a birds nest! + Things