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I would have shown you them but…
2010 12 11_0014

I love to bake, but am not that thrilled about eating it, so it’s a win-win situation when I get to bake something and give it away. Like these Chocolate Orange Shortbread cookies that I created. They were a hit, a real hit, and I would have shown you them but… Well, most of them were gone in a flash.

2010 12 13_0055

So please use your imagination and come along with me for a moment. Grated orange peel in the shortbread, and the most luxurious chocolaty orange piece of “warm from the oven” chocolate nestled in the center of the cookie. Biting into the melting in your mouth shortbread, with gooey chocolate threads spanning the space between the cookie and your mouth.

2010 12 13_0076

So to each and every person that received some of these cookies, “I’m sorry there weren’t any more left to give you extra.” But I hope that you enjoyed them.

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I would have shown you them but… + Style