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A thousand shining moments

Waiting just to happen to you

1-Frosty days_-6

Life is made up of a thousand shining moments waiting to happen to you.

  • Driving home from work
  • Doing the grocery shopping
  • Washing the laundry
  • While you are on power hold
  • Feeding the cat
  • During the most mundane moments

Just imagine life and it’s shining moments waiting for you, lurking around that corner hiding behind a cloud. Are you going to see them? Will you know that they are happening to you? Will you be looking for them? I know that I will, for sure. It’s the season of light, and those thousand shining moments will come and go quickly, but I am keeping my eyes open for them.

1-Frosty days_-3

It may be the flash of smile from a customer service rep, the friendly wave of a car going past, the way the cat purrs as he rubs my leg, but it’s a shining moment. It’s in giving to the food bank, dropping some change into a rattling can for the Salvation Army volunteer, it’s in baking cookies, and laughing with loved ones.

2-Frosty days_-5

This is definitely the season for those thousand lights to shine.

4-Frosty days_-44

The moments are going to be different for everyone, none of us will experience them the same. But they are going to be awesome.

5-Frosty days_-58

And I can’t wait for mine to happen to me. Lyrics by Blue Rodeo

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A thousand shining moments + Words