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Go to the light Turkey, go to the light.

Today in Canada, it is our Thanksgiving. Traditionally a day that families gather together to cook, overeat, and stress each other out. Even with all the different versions no one else's stuffing tastes as good as your Mom's.

It seems that every time we cook a turkey, something goes awry. I am beginning to wonder what is going on. Could it be Turkey Karma? There was the time we tried using a oven bag, which is supposed to seal in the moisture, and make cleanup a breeze. It touched the element, burned the plastic see through window, and all the pan juices flowed down onto the oven floor. Bad turkey, bigger cleanup.

One memorable Thanksgiving, I was checking the half finished turkey in the oven, and opened up the oven door. Suddenly behind the turkey was a very bright light, lots of white smoke, and a loud poof."Go to the light turkey! Go to the light!" The element had burned out. We ended up carrying the half cooked bird, complete with sloshing pan juices up three flights of stairs, to a friend's oven to finish it off.

Once we lost power from a wind storm, so the turkey was delayed. Then there was the semi-frozen bird, that just would not cook, even after 6 hours in the oven and many frantic phone calls to my Mom. This year I was taking no chances, and cooked ours a day earlier. So Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys, take that.

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Go to the light Turkey, go to the light. + Things