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Our first year of being locals at the fair
IMBD IPE Fair-0263

It’s a little bit of a odd feeling visiting the IPE Fair in Armstrong this year, since it’s the first time we are here as locals, and not as visitors, or the dreaded TOURISTS. There’s good reason the locals leave town during this most stressful and crowded week, the little town of just over 4000 people has a massive influx of visitors from all over with over 150,000 people attending the fair. Parking spots do not exist, stores are crowded and the line ups are long. Do you have country fairs where you live? Do they take over the town like the IPE does?

IMBD IPE Fair-0262

A mainly agricultural fair, the IPE is in it’s 113th year of holding court to farmers, townies, and tourists.

IMBD IPE Fair-0216

It’s also billed as the second largest fair in BC next to the PNE held in Vancouver. It’s a fun day of zucchini races, logging competitions, vegetable and harvest displays.

IMBD IPE Fair-0282

The theme this year was catch the buzz, it’s a honey of a time to be had in town, with local business joining in sweetly putting up displays, and painting windows with bees to keep the town buzz going.

IMBD IPE Fair-0290

There were lions, tigers, camel rides and a real live zebra, lamas walking the midway, cows and sheep, goats, and pigs.

IMBD IPE Fair-0205
IMBD IPE Fair-0206

Something for everybody, and let’s not forget hot tubs, yes the “almost every house we looked at has a hot tub” kind of hot tub. Now I know where they get them from, the IPE fair.

IMBD IPE Fair-0213

Chomping on cotton candy…

Day, race, and more:

Our first year of being locals at the fair + Time