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Surprise sunflowers
2010 08 29_2095

Condo living is OK, just OK, sharing laundry facilities with an entire floor, noisy 2 am neighbors that don’t care about how sound carries. And all the rules that it seems everyone ignores, no laundry after 10:00, no noise after 10:00, don’t park in your neighbors spot, those boring kind of rules. Along with the nosy neighbor in the apartment across the street who “you hooooo’s“ me when I am bafffed out on the couch. Startling the stuffing out of me, “where did that voice come from, and who is she calling, ME? I don’t believe it, it’s over a 150 feet, and she can see me? OH, no!

2010 08 29_2100

We are pretty respectful of all the rules, with one small exception. “Don’t feed the birds” As far as breaking the rules, it’s pretty small in my estimation, and since my neighbor who is elderly, and a very decent woman does it, I am thinking that it’s while not OK, it’s not a true biggy. So we feed the birds, and have been doing it for sometime. I am almost hanging my head in shame here — not! I obey every road rule, I am quiet, and respectful of everyone else. My babies, the birds need something to eat on a regular basis. We were feeding them mixed bird seed, and not realizing that they didn’t like it. They were picking through and only eating the black oil sunflower seeds. Once we changed over to sunflower seeds, it was perfect. No more spilled seed, no unsightly cream colored hulls, that showed up all winter against the black soil.

2010 08 29_2105

And now we have a surprise bonus of sunflowers. They are so cute, and only 2 feet tall, with tiny little yellow heads. They are just babies, and not quite open yet. But a real bonus instead of the weeds that used to grow there. I am definitely going to be feeding the birds black sunflower seeds when we get our farm. A one rule breaker…

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