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The Levi's® "Who Do You Want To Unbutton" Promo

Hi guys and gals. In relation to the previous entry on their eco-friendly 501 Organic Jeans, Levi's is once again teaming up with The Gingerbread Report to bring you the "Who Do You Want To Unbutton?" promo.

This is a promo which is for fun more than anything else. It's for YOU guys, my loyal running. buddies/Gingermaniacs It's our chance to showcase our zany, creative selves outside of the races :) So what is it all about? Let me explain.

Individuals still have that need to connect with certain people in their lives no matter how fast paced or busy the world turns. May it be that someone from the office whom you so look forward to seeing or that girl you’ve always enjoyed hanging-out with in the weekend, have you ever thought about finding more ways than one to say just what you want to say to them? Don’t let it go unsaid. It’s best to liberate yourself of worries and just start by saying what you want. Now, with the help of Levi's, you could do just that.

The Levi's "Who Do You Want To Unbutton?" Promo is a smooth and cheeky platform to let you convey what you REALLY want to say. Throw your inhibitions out of the window. So what do I want you to do? In the most creative way possible, leave a comment and tell me Who Do You Want To Unbutton. It could be anyone - heck, even anything! Even an abstract idea! Just like the ads above. Show me that runners have creative sides too! Go all out! Be subtle! Use quotations! It's really up to you. It doesnt have to be sexy. It could be funny, philosophical, morbid, insightful, food-related, running related, etc :) It's the creativity that would be judged, the same creativity that reflects the spirit of the campaign. :)Let's do it this way. Comments/entries will be accepted until 9pm Wednesday, June 3rd. The marketing director of Levi's Philippines will personally select the top 5 most creative entries who will serve as our finalists. We will conduct a poll and YOU guys will select the winner just to be democratic about it! Polls close Saturday 9pm, June 6th. Comprende? The winner will receive a wonderful Gift Certificate Package from Levi's. We're just trying this out, so depending on your level of support and participation the next promo could be even more exciting :D Remember to have fun with it! Enjoy! :)

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The Levi's® "Who Do You Want To Unbutton" Promo + Time