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Staying on the b-right side of spring

It’s going to be spring soon

1-2009 07 14 126

if we are to judge by the birds, and there are even a few bugs zipping about on a sunny afternoon. There’s been a light rain, what we used to call a spit of rain down on the coast and up here they call it rain… I’ve got to laugh at that one. But I am trying my best to stay on the right side of spring, I certainly don’t want to jeopardize it in any way… wouldn’t want her to pack up her bags and retreat.

2-2009 07 14 127

So I’ve been hiding out in my photo archives, it’s much brighter and prettier in there then looking outside. Most of the snow is off the front lawn, it’s just covering the garden beds, I can be patient. But oh is it sad looking outside… Brown, and dark, wet, and squished after the snow pack, not the nicest looking landscape. Soon the trees will burst open with green. Today is the first day of March… here’s to coming in like a lion.go March.

3-2009 07 14 139

The bleeding heart has the smallest little fronds showing, and outside there are snow drops blooming in a warm spots. See it’s going to happen.

4-2009 07 14 137

The Ring necked Pheasant guy is quite busy gathering up his hens, he is up to 4 now… we keep watching, and are amazed that he manages to collect so many girlfriends. The girls like to wander around eating the sunflower seeds off of the ground, and he just flies around claiming territory. Helpful kind of mate, isn’t he?

5-2009 07 14 119

There seems to be a constant give and take between the birds in the backyard, and the ever busy squirrel. He hides the seeds in the garden, and they rush around pecking open the hidden spots, and eating them all up. Then the squirrel wanders back and forth distractedly trying to find something to eat, until we refill the feeder again. He should choose better hiding spots then those directly under the feeder. We call him bird brained, not the hen pheasants.

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Staying on the b-right side of spring + Visual