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It was spring, and then suddenly it wasn’t

I woke up this morning.
Now that’s always a really good thing.
Trust me.
But I had a hangover, and I don’t drink.
So that’s not a good thing.

Snow on red barn

I woke up at 4 am, and 4:30, and 5 am, and 5:30, and 6 am.
You get the picture don’t you, my head hurts.
They say it’s spring, I don’t believe them, except.
The alarm clocks are well wound, and working fine.

Snow on red dogwood branches

First we have the Bootsie clock at 4 am.
And every half hour or less after that it chirps, chimes, meows, pings, knocks stuff down off of the furniture, scratches on the door. Jumps on my head…
We might need to upgrade to a quieter model.
Say one that automatically puts itself in the garage at 4 am.
Then the crows start, the cawing the complaining, the screaming, oh what neighbours they make, they have issues. We have to up the rent in those trees outside of our bedroom windows, to see if we can get better tenants.
The furnace was on at night which means despite the time of year, it’s probably snowed, again. And the roaring noise and sparks was from the snowplough getting more overtime this season.

Snow and fog on road

Phil the flirting pheasant was pecking at the shiny bumper on the truck, peck, peck, peck… he’s in territorial mode who’s that other handsome bird he sees… there are no photos, it was dark outside.
The robins trill, that’s one alarm clock I love to hear… they can leave holes in the lawn everywhere, they make up for it by singing so beautifully.
But then the eagles start in and everyone is tense… fly by breakfasts are only good when you are not on the menu.
The doves start to coo, the owl stops hooting, the chickadees are complaining that I still haven’t cleaned out the bird house from the last rental tenant… but it’s cold outside, because it was spring, and then suddenly it wasn’t. But no one thought to tell the cat, or the birds.
My head hurts… I’m going back to sleep, wake me when it’s really spring.

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It was spring, and then suddenly it wasn’t + Story