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Rogin-E Last Man Running : Tatagal ka ba?

Just when I thought race organizers had pretty much tapped the well of ideas when it came to your staple weekend road race, my sentiments were proven wrong once more. Enter the Rogin-E Last Man Running Race, a surefire test of will, guts, and endurance.

This is actually a late post, I missed the presser last week because I have coaching duties for Adidas ANR on Wednesdays. Sucks. The food must have been good. Anyway, this race is brought to you by Edward Kho, best known for his able stewardship of the Conquer Corregidor/ Corregidor International Half Marathon series. Leave it to Ed for coming up with some novel plan to excite you running denizens out there. Anyway, there's a 5k and 10k run on this, with fun medals.

Nifty. But the centerpiece event is the Last Man Running event obviously. Only one winner. P50,000. Fancy Trophy.

Nice Nice. How does it go exactly? Here's the official word (that I shamelessly copy pasted from their powerpoint) All participants of The Rogin -E Last Man Running Race must maintain the corresponding minimum pace at the following portions of the race period: 1st 2hrs - 6min/km, 2nd 2hrs - 7mins/km, 3rd 2hrs - 8mins/km, last hour - 9min/km. This will be monitored by red shirt wearing pacers who will be running alongside the participants. All participants who will be unable to maintain the minimum pace will be swept off the course by roving as well as strategically located (at every 50m along the course) race marshals. Aside from this, the pacers will also be given the same colored strings at each pass at the checkpoint. Any participant who will be wearing one less string compared to the pacers and are passed by the latter will also be swept off the course. Now that's challenging. If only I wasn't doing BDM 160 a week after that I'll give this a shot. P50,000 ain't something to sneeze over. So if you want to test your limits and see what exactly you're made of, here are the steps to registration for this. § From January 7 to February 20, 201 1, customers who purchase a Rogin-E bottle at ANY DRUGSTORE will be entitled to join the Rogin-E Last Man Running event on February 20, 2011 at McKinley Hill, Taguig City. § T Mercury Drug

Walk-in must purchase a Rogin -E bottle at registration booths during the event. Once receipt is presented, customers must fill out the registration form which covers a waiver of liability. § For those joining the endurance run, an additional copy of a race result page of a full marathon (42.195km) or a race longer than a 42.195km marathon (held within the last 6 months prior to the Rogin -E event) indicating his/her name as proof or a certification from a physician indicating fitness to participate in an athletic competition is required. Are you good enough to be The Last Man Standing? That's for you to know and for us to find out.

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Rogin-E Last Man Running : Tatagal ka ba? + Time