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Scents, and sensibility

The cashier hands me my change, I grab my grocery bags, and breathing shallowly, start to navigate the narrow aisle out the door to freedom, and fresh air. Unfortunately walking in front of me is the woman who is causing me grief unknowingly. Her perfume is wafting everywhere, my face is burning, and it makes me upset how one person can affect so many without knowing it. It’s all about scents, and sensibility if you have environmental allergies, and perfume is a big offender. The cleaning solutions aisle, air fresheners, perfume, they all ignite a problem in those of us with those kind of allergies. It’s everywhere, and it stinks.

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Most people hardly think they would be a problem when they sprayed on that perfume, cologne, or aftershave which is horrific for those of us trapped in a elevator with the over indulgers. A few weeks ago a resident of my parents apartment building insisted on spraying the elevator with Febreeze to cover up the strong smell of a 3rd floor smoker. So bad that for a week I had to take the stairs, instead of the elevator. Eventually they stopped, but the smell still lingers… and it burns my skin.


Going into a public washroom with it’s fake air fresheners can trigger a problem, walking into a heavily scented retail store, candles, potpourri, all culprits. And the worst, is the woman or man who decides to douse themselves in scent before leaving the house. Even in the doctors office waiting room there is difficulty, makes me wonder if anyone considers those sitting around them anymore. Stuck in the room for ages, with all those conflicting aromas is torture, and I have been forced to go outside in many cases in order to weather the storm.

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Maybe the next time you are standing in the line up you could forgo the heavy perfumes. My nose, and my allergic body would really thank you. I love perfume, unfortunately it really bothers me, as does any highly scented, or toxic smell. But I do appreciate those who use a light hand in applying their scents in public.


Do you have any problems with other people wearing too much scent? Or is it just those of us with chemical sensitivities?