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My “sit” situation
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I know, enough with the excuses, and sporadic postings, its’ about time isn’t it? But unfortunately it isn’t. My deepest apologies to those of you who are faithfully leaving me comments on my posts, I have every intention of getting to your blog and leaving you a comment in return. It’s just that my “sit-utaion” with the disk in my back is causing pain, and compressing my spine when I sit. Now I know, you’ve heard this all last week, it’s true… and it’s slowly getting better, just not fast enough for me. I now can dress myself, trust me that’s wonderful, help cook dinner, stand, and lay flat on the floor. I just can’t bend. We got 5 yards of garden soil yesterday, and I couldn’t do more then direct… for a gardener that’s heart ache, lol. But I did manage to stand outside for a little while. I just can’t sit for more then a few minutes, which means no computer. So bear with me, hopefully this will improve soon, oh I miss your blogs… and our conversations. And thank you so much for the get better quicker wishes.

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