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Vote for your Levi's Who Do You Want To Unbutton Finalists!

Hi everyone! I would like to congratulate all the finalists as chosen by Levi's Philippines. Now, I want you to vote for them on the online poll widget to your upper left. Voting is free (duh) and will be open until 9pm Sunday Night. Obviously the entry with the most votes wins the Levi's GC package.

The Finalists are : Rico Villanueva : I am a man wanting be free. Unbutton the runner in me. Anonymous : I want to unbutton a different side of me- one that is willing to take risks and chances and wont care about what other people say and think. Edu: I Want to Unbutton Life's Goodness

There is a goodness to life that cannot be denied
It is a power within us waiting to be unleashed
So unbutton life's Goodness and let it RUN free
Only at this moment you'll realize and see
RUNNING your life unbuttoned is all you have to be. So there! Voting starts today! :) Vote for your favorite entries! Or maybe because they badgered you into doing so! :)