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Why I won’t be planning a garden for my new home
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I had great plans when we moved in here in February, they involved raised beds, fences, walkways, a pond, and structures galore. A cat play area for Bootsie, a herb garden just behind the kitchen door, and trellis to hide us from the neighbours. There I was out pacing off the garden beds in the snow, and trying to discover what lay under all of that white stuff.

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I couldn’t wait, I had itchy green thumbs, plans were made, books were consulted, images were saved on Pinterest. I stockpiled bulbs, and seeds, purchasing them during the minus zero weather, and snow storms of the early months of pre spring. I stalked the roadside peering into bushes for signs of winter releasing it’s grip, and allowing buds to form. And then one day I looked out into the back yard, and realized that the sun had come around the side of the house, and it was sunny there instead of the shade I had thought we would have all summer.

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That was the day I decided not to plan my garden for our new home… yet. That was the day I decided to wait for a full year, to see if the sun crept into crevices, turned corners, or if the wind howled through bushes. To see where the smoke from the BBQ winds it’s way down through the patio, because we won’t be sitting there. To find out if there are wasps, and mosquitoes that would hang out by a pond, and where the perfect place to hear the birds sing is. To find out where our natural pathways take us through the garden, those shortcuts that everyone would be taking whether or not there was a trail available.

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Here is a list of reasons why I am waiting. 1. It’s overwhelming: With so many other projects to be done, I just can’t concentrate on planning a worthwhile garden this summer. We need to paint inside, make some changes, and just get settled. 2. I have a different climate: Planting up here is completely different then our last home, it’s drier, colder, and hotter. Xeriscaping gardening is the way to go. This winter was apparently a very easy one, with little snow, but it is lingering. What will a harsher winter do to all of my plants? Where will we pile all of the snow, will it be on the garden beds I might plan out. 3. It’s very expensive: Soil, gravel, structures, all of these cost money, a lot of money. We just moved, we need a chance to store up some allocated funds so that the job can be done properly. 4. I only want to make major changes once: If I take my time to plan and think this through we can always fine tune small details later, but if we make a mistake and place a bed in the wrong place, it’s a lot of work to change it. 5: I need to know where the sun hits, and for how long it stays: It’s only March, and already the sun is filling the entire back yard, but will it continue all summer?

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So although it might seem that my plans are put on hold indefinitely they are not. I will still continue to garden, plan, and observe. I will just take my time, and the wait will be worth it,