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What if spring threw a party, and Snow-one came
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Yesterday was the first official morning of spring. Spring wanted to celebrate, so she threw a party, but snow-one came. There was over a inch of beautiful fluffy white stuff covering the ground, the skies were dark, and gloomy. It certainly wasn’t very spring like weather at all, and we were disappointed.

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But that was the morning, and by afternoon the snow was gone, spring was happy, the skies were gloriously bright and sunny. Even when we went for a walk the wind was kind, the birds were chirping, and the skies were bright and blue.

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That spring, she sure knows how to celebrate with style.

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And the best part? The snow encouraged a entire flock of tiny quail to run around our front yard, and search for food.

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They ran right past my office window, what a change from the newspaper guy walking by. Talk about adorable, but I didn’t get a photo, maybe next time.

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I have high hopes for spring, what about you?

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