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The first “real” days of spring

The first real warm days:
There is something almost sublime about those first “real” days of spring. Not the ones that are declared spring by the calendar, or the weather forecaster, but the first “real” ones. The ones that gently slip your coat from your shoulders, and ease out the tension caused by all the winter cold. The days when you can feel the sun on your skin. That forgotten sensation, and scent of warmth that cannot be duplicated. Those days when you start to recall with more then just far gone nostalgia, glimpses of summer picnics, leaves, green, and the texture of grass under your feet. Winter Coats: Days when you look at your winter coat hanging in the closet, and choose a lighter version, because you know for sure that you are not taking a chance when you do that. But because you know that today, the winter coat will be too warm to wear, and soon it will be packed away. Days when the very air is warmed by more then your breath, when the bird song carries further. When the promise of spring is not broken, but fulfilled. Those are the first real days of spring. Live them, and enjoy them. Because when they finally come to you, you fully deserve them.

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