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Pinterest you are making me fat

I love to collect recipes, simple, delicious, healthy recipes for food that I might make someday and lovely sugar and fat laden recipes for deserts that I know I will never make, ever… well maybe? But Pinterest you are causing me problems, your gorgeous photos, and mouth-watering deserts, are making me fat. After all if I can’t immediately whip up a batch of lemon meringue cupcakes with marzipan frosting at 10:00 at night, I have to have something to make up for it don’t I? So that half empty bag of stale potato chips is the switch.

2-© Muddy Boot Dreams-0461

Or at 6:30 in the morning when I come across a photo of waffles, and whipping cream with dew fresh raspberries trickled down the side, swimming in a puddle of raspberry coulis, and I know that I am never going to pull that one off in this lifetime, what do I want to eat? Well it isn’t my boring plain rice cereal, and yogurt that’s for sure.


Here I sit at my computer with a ever growing pile of printed out recipes, beef and barley soup, chipotle glazed chicken with sweet potatoes… quinoa salad with dried blueberries, lime, cilantro, and crème fraiche.

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Some I make, and they are delish, some I just drool over, but still I collect them and each day the pile grows higher. Pinterest you are costing me a fortune in printer toner, and paper, quit it!


No don’t… I haven’t the heart to stop you, keep those recipes coming.