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My journey into a strange land

Image this for a moment.
You're travelling to a strange country. It's eerily similar to yours, except that they speak a different language.
Some of your friends didn't like their journey, others encouraged you, and there were some who said they were happy there.

You've researched, and know what would be needed for the trip.
Life's a adventure to be lived, isn't that right? Arriving there, it's hot, and dusty, and everyone else seems to know what they are doing except for you. Even the directions don't make sense. There's a lot of wandering around in circles, and you're feeling a bit lost. Just as you start to wonder if this is all been a mistake, you remembered a guide book someone had given you. Cracking it open, you skim the pages and begin to pick up a few phrases. Marveling that the street signs seem easier to read, and that things were beginning to make sense. That's how my journey to Word Press has been.

I've been on Blogger for almost 7 years. It's a great platform, and I encourage you to stay there if you're happy with it. This isn't a post about WP versus Blogger, that's a personal choice for each blogger to make. We need to stop telling each other what to do, go, stay, leave, look for something else. I've read that moving to Word Press is a learning curve. There's no doubt there.

I went in circles for much of the day, things looked familiar, and then they seemed to disappear, and pop up somewhere else. But I am figuring it out, bit by bit. And to be honest, I'm loving the process of learning something new to me. "It's not hard, it's just different." For this blogger different is good. I can hardly wait to show you what I am creating for The Light Laughed, it's still a little while off, but it's coming along nicely. Would you, do you, will you, consider moving? Never, maybe, hmmmm not sure, absolutely not? It's a journey, that's for sure.

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