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Laid up, and out of sync

I coughed. Nothing fancy, just a simple cough. Then a ping in my back bloomed into searing pain, and suddenly I could barely stand up. By Sunday night I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down, or bend, not fun. They said it might be a herniated disk, has anyone else had this? Now here’s the funny parts — getting stuck on the X ray table, being unable to roll off due to the pain. Help, I’ve laid down, and I can’t get up! After the X ray, in the change room, looking at my jeans, my arms and my feet so far apart, wondering how on earth? Hanging onto the walls, and wiggling that’s how. Not being able to pull on your own socks… but I have discovered if you roll on your back, on the bed, you can do it.


I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes, so my husband is cooking, and cleaning… and here I thought this wasn’t such a good thing. Sitting is difficult, most of my time is spend flat, that’s best for the pain… so if I take a while to get back to your blog, now you know why. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

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