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It`s done when it catches on fire… right?

It’s not every day that someone gets to ask her husband this question, “it’s done when it catches on fire… right? I couldn’t resist asking if the chicken thighs I was barbequing were supposed to be on fire. After all they were burning away like little chicken lanterns.

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A few of the things on our list of dreams we had before we moved up here was having a house of our own, a cat, and a BBQ. We had the cat, we now have the house, and a few days ago we got the BBQ. We were not allowed to have BBQ’s in our condo down in White Rock, and now I understand why. Seduced by smoking wafts of delicious scents, and perfectly grilled food cooked for us by friends we figured how hard could it be to cook on a grill, after all if they could do it so could we.

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It’s not that hard, but you do have to pay attention, and maybe the heat was a little too high. How did I determine that? The smoke billowing across the backyard, and the flames that were trying desperately to escape through the lid.

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I guess that you can’t juggle trying to cook dinner in the kitchen, and a BBQ out on the deck, since my chicken seemed to catch on fire rather quickly. Good thing I looked up when I did, and guess who’s getting a fire extinguisher?

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Flare up’s are so pretty when the sun is going down, kind of like having your very own mini lanterns, or those fire pits that are all the rage out here. Regardless of how charbroiled, every blackened morsel of our first BBQ’d chicken was absolutely delicious.

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