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Guardians of the gate
2010 03 15 108

One really cool thing about spring is the annual return of the Canada Geese. To our condo rooftop. These guardians of the gate, so to speak are noisy, nosy, and so, so beautiful. I look forward to seeing them return each spring.

2010 03 15 110

They perch up on top of the roof, right above the front door, and vet each entrant as they approach. With such honking and hissing, you would think that we would be scared to run this gauntlet each time. But there are many people who live here that don’t even notice. Gar told me to grab the camera one day, saying “here’s a good photo op for you.” The geese would retreat to the middle of the roof if I got too close to them, but as soon as we backed away they would be right back on the edge again.

2010 03 15 113

We tried to tell some of our neighbors who were exiting the condo to look up and see them. “Look up” we would call out, “look up and see the geese.” The neighbors would just stare at us like we were crazy. Totally oblivious to the noisy honking, and hissing right over their heads. I so look forward to seeing them again, because early morning wakeup calls are so much better with Canada Geese, then seagulls. Jane