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Finding Balance
Birds nest texture

Even if you only have even the teeniest bit of creativity in you, spring is your season. All this renewal, green spaces filling with blooms, bare branches swiftly changing, it’s inspiring. Spring triggers creativity in us artistic types, it nags, it prompts, it encourages, “do something, change something, create something. Maybe that’s why many of us are gardeners. We can see a direct correlation between our vision and reality. Plant a seed, grow a plant, watch it bloom. Then draw, or photograph the flower and you have a lasting image of what was only a flitting thought previously. Photography for me is the ultimate fulfillment of a creative urge, a artistic bent that has molded me for as long as I can remember. I truly feel like my balance is centered when I am creating something. Inspiration is a thrill, I love how my mind goes through a rabbit warren, twisting and turning creating, inventing, and discarding ideas. Spring feels like the scale has moved back towards the middle, and my balance is achieved once again. Jane.

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