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If it’s slow, it must be Tuesday

I like to write my posts a day or so before, proofread them, add the images and other links, and then set them to be published the next morning.

Rocky at the fence

Well, generally I do, sometimes I get up really early here, write and then post, which makes it the middle of the morning everywhere else.
I had a post in my mind, discussing how we could blog in a Naked Niche, made notes all day, put a lot of thought into it.
But I have found if it’s Tuesday, the computer has a completely different idea of what is going to happen that day. Slow as a turtle stuck in molasses slow… on Tuesdays.
Which usually carries over to Wednesday, and finally speeds up on Thursdays.
What can I say, it’s quirky. Life is quirky.
At first I blamed the Microsoft updates, yes those every second Tuesday of the month updates were the culprit, and they are.
But it’s happening too many Tuesdays now to just blame updates. Maybe it’s aliens.
I’ve ran every scan possible, I’ve taken it in for check ups, it’s fine, it’s just not a “TuesdaytoThursday” computer.

Rocky looking at Boots

And that’s why there isn’t a post on Naked Niche blogging today. Now if that isn’t the best “the dog ate my homework” excuse you have ever heard…
There is also a conversation continuing over at Laura’s blog, I’m so vintage she was beginning to wonder if she was alone in blogging in a Naked Niche.
She’s not alone, there are so many of us that blog without a niche, despite what the experts say we should be doing.

Boo looking at Rocky

This is a fascinating subject, my interest was sparked by a post that Claudia from Mockingbird Hill Cottage wrote a while ago. She was talking about how blogging seems to have changed dramatically over the last few years. It’s no longer about building relationships, and friendships, visiting, it’s now predominately about DIY’s and home decor.
And if you don’t blog that way, how can you find more people for your village? Most of the advise on blogging that is out there is geared towards bloggers who fit a formula, write in a niche.
We don’t fit in there. We are writing in a Naked Niche.
So what can we do as a community to make sure our blogs survive, and thrive in a niche laden blogging world?
I want to explore more, talk, discuss, and find out what you think, and what we can do together to make it work for us as bloggers who don’t fit into a tidy little niche. Judging by the comments quite a lot of us are wondering where to go from here.
It’s a big village, there is room for everyone, so if you are contented in where you blog, please don’t feel left out. I would like everyone to join in the conversation no matter why they blog.
For the friendships, for the fame, LOL… just kidding there, to make money, or because of other reasons.
If my computer is willing to cooperate the conversation will continue on Friday.

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